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Kadinya enterprise deals with processing of various varieties of used cables, ACSR, to extract ferrous and non-ferrous material. It is further processed, bailed, and supplied to leading manufacturing companies like Jindal.

Contract Manufacturing

Vimkar Contract Works LLP is the largest manufacturer of mosquito coils with manufacturing facilities at Pondicherry and Jammu and Kashmir. It manufactures exclusively for Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. There are three manufacturing facilities with over 750 employees. Vimkar Contract Works LLP has been in the business for over two decades with the Godrej Group.

Aeroaroma Home Care Products is the largest manufacturer of wicks in the country with a separate facility in Pondicherry. The wick is supplied exclusively to Godrej Consumer Products Ltd and is used in All-out liquid vaporizers for mosquito repellents.

Radiator Recycling

Vimkar Contract Works LLP processes used radiators that are imported from U.K., USA, Australia and South Africa. The factory is located in Sholavaram, Tamil Nadu. The copper is then supplied to industrial companies for manufacturing of cables, busbars, and ducting pipes. The aluminium is used for manufacturing of aluminium wires and sheets.

Auto Shredding

Sree Shivmaya Industries LLP is an auto shredding factory that is located in Gummidipoondi, Chennai. This initiative is to align with the vehicle scrappage policy introduced by the Government of India in 2021. This circular policy encourages recycling of used cars and other white goods that can be used as raw material for manufacturing companies.