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SSMI is an ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949 rated company. SSMI adheres to the highest quality standards as it manufactures critical alloys and parts such as steering columns. SSMI has state of the art equipment such as Spectrolab M12 to ensure quality across all products. Quality planning starts from the procurement of raw material till dispatch to our customers. The traceability from raw material to the finished product is maintained and ensured with the help of technology. Our thorough quality checks ensure that the clients receive products as per the technical specifications.


SSMI’s philosophy is built on recycling and reusing waste material. The waste material extends from automotive parts to building material that is converted to usable products in our various factories. It is an environment friendly company that works towards replacing primary material with waste material. It has invested in sophisticated pollution control equipments to adhere to pollution norms.